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IP54 home automation smart phone control led rgb down lights for high ceiling ambient lighting

rgb down light 12W
IP54 home automation smart phone control led rgb down lights for high ceiling ambient lighting

$16.50 - $51.99 / piece

1 piece
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:GLEDOPTO
  • Model Number:GL-D-007P
  • Feature:Time Scheduling, APP Remote Control, Intelligent Route Planning, Auto-recognize different room, Voice control
  • APP Control:APP Control
  • Product Type:Smart Lighting
  • Application:Hotel, Outdoor, Garage, Commercial, Home, Residential, Living room, Bedroom, Ceiling, Showcase, shops, hotels, restaurants
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Product name:ZIGBEE PRO IP54 12W LED Downlight
  • Protocol:2.4GHz Zigbee3.0 + RF
  • Color:RGB+CCT(2000-6500K)
  • Control distance:30meters
  • Advantage:Zigbee mesh signal auto-transfer to a larger place
  • Control way:Smartphone, voice, remote control
  • Size:113X68 mm
  • LED Light Source:Epistar LEDs SMD5050 RGB 4pcs SMD3030 white 24pcs
  • LED driver:package including the led driver
Product Description
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
Product Name
Gledopto zigbee PRO RGB+CCT 12W led downlight IP54
Input Voltage
Color and color temperature
RGB + CCT of 2000-6500K
What zigbee hub we can use with gledopto led products?
Please check the image below.
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W

Perfect ceilling lamp -Reduce pressure

Downlight is a lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and emits down the light.
Its feature is that it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, and will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps.
Downlights do not occupy space and can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the pressure of space.
Generally used in hotels, residential, coffee shops.
Product Presentation
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
ZIGBEE3.0 wireless communication technology
Gledopto zigbee system communicates with most zigbee systems from other providers,
so you can easily extend the system with more different items. * all your lamps can be operated from one bridge
* deliver a high interoperable wireless mesh network
* extremely low-power consumption
* control afar home for security and convenience
o Receive and process commands from multiple devices at the same time
o Operate and remember default/custom scenarios
o Visual lighting timer and capable of voice activate

2.4gHZ RF wireless communication technology
It is perfect for every smart home starter who want to test the wireless control.
* No require the Zigbee bridge
* pairing and operate process even more simple
o Each remote can match one or more receiver for group control
o Nine kinds of default color dynamic scenarios
o Ultra sensitive color&CCT adjustment touch wheel/bar
Below are some questions may met with, more please feel free to contact for online service.
rgb down light 12W
1. Q: I just got my controller/bulb installed first time, but My App can not find my light ,how to do with it?
A: Please check the above Q&A, confirm the wiring is ok, power supply, controller+light or bulb works normally. Then you can close the app ,open it and research within 60s when you switch on the power, or you try switching on/off the light during app searching, once linked, the light or bulb will get darker( earlier version) or get green. If still not found, you can reset the light.
2. Q: How far I can place the devices from the zigbee bridge?
The Smart Home system works as long as the zigbee devices are within the range of the Wi-Fi network.
However, if you have a big house and are using Wi-Fi repeaters (range extenders), you might encounter issues. In this case, put an extra Smart Home Intelligent Switch or zigbee bulb between the bridge and the device you are having difficulties controlling -This extra bulb or switch will function as a “repeater”. zigbee routers (extend the range, like the hue bulbs do.)
rgb down light 12W
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rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
rgb down light 12W
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