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RGBW ZigBee Smart LED Recessed Downlight 6W Compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home Terncy SmartThings ConBee II Hub

zigbee rgb down light
RGBW ZigBee Smart LED Recessed Downlight 6W Compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home Terncy SmartThings ConBee II Hub

$13.00 - $15.00 / piece

  • Color Temperature(CCT):2000K-6500K
  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):92
  • Light Source:LED
  • Support Dimmer:Yes
  • Lighting solutions service:ZigBee Smart Home Solution
  • Lifespan (hours):50000
  • Input Voltage(V):AC 100V-240V
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):500-550
  • CRI (Ra>):80
  • Lamp Body Material:Aluminum
  • IP Rating:IP54
  • Model Number:GL-D-006P
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:Gledopto
  • Warranty(Year):2 Years
  • Remote Distance:≤25 Meters
  • Work Temperature:-20°C~60°C
  • Hole size:80mm
  • Size:93x65mm
  • Application:Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen and etc.
  • Certification:ce, RoHS
ZigBee 3.0 Smart RGB+CCT 6W Downlight IP54 Rating
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
What is Pro?
Pro= Zigbee3.0+RF? (RF control means that these ZigBee 3.0 LED Lights can be controlled by ours or Mi.Light/Miboxer 2.4GHz RF handheld remote control, no ZigBee bridge required)

Yes, but not only that.

First, we changed

IC: TI CC2530 -> -> Silicon EFR32MG21A010F768Im32
Firmware: develop new firmware based on Silicon EFR32MG21A010F768Im32 with ZigBee 3.0 Protocol.

Second, thanks for the kind feedback or complaints in the last years. We have improved the user experience on the below details for the whole collection.

1. The remote range: up to 30m, for led strip controllers/receivers even better.
2. Mesh network: Much better than former ZigBee Light Link led lamps we have.
3. Standby power : GU10 spotlight, MR16 spotlight, RGB+CCT led candle light≤0.3W; RGB+CCT/CCT/RGBW/Dimmer led strip controllers/receivers: 10mA.
4. Time for power on: less than 1 second.
5. Switch on/off many lights: almost went on/off at the same time.
6. The Min brightness: much darker than ZigBee LL/Plus version we have before.
7. The color under the low brightness: accurate.
8. Sleep/wake up: The transition time is accurate.
9.The transition between white and color: not suddenly to change, much smoother, however you change from CCT to RGB or RGB to CCT.
10. Dimming/color changing: much smoother, also improve based on different platforms including smartThings, Amazon etc, not only H-u-e.
11. Research after reset: much easier.
Create personalized experience with colorful smart light
Transform your home with over 16 million colors, Gledopto White and Color(RGB+CCT) Ambiance Recessed Downlight instantly creating the right atmosphere for any event.

Choose from preset light recipes
With a touch of a button, you can set a festive mood for a party, turn your living room into a movie theater, enhance your home decor with color accents and much more.

Set the right mood with soft white light
Dimmable from bright daylight to low nightlights, this smart light allows you to fill your home with just the right level of light when you need it.

LED downlight technology
Designed to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination.

Unlock full set of smart light features with Zigbee 3.0 or Zigbee Tuya bridge
Add a zigbee 3.0 bridge/ZigBee Tuya bridge to your smart lights to experience the full set of Philips Hue features. With a bridge, you can add up to 50 smart lights to control throughout your home.

Create timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup, use your lights to wake up and go to sleep. Control your lights while away from home, or add accessories, such as motion sensors and smart switches.

Control lights with your voice
Get hands-free control of your lights and use your voice instead! Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp.*

Easy 2-step installation
Just wire with zero line and live line, and download the app to connect directly to your new downlight.

* Works with Alexa when used with a compatible Echo device.

Requires a Zigbee 3.0 or Zigbee TuyaHub/bridge
Connect your Gledopto color-capable lights with the Hub/Bridge/gateway to control your lights from your smartphone or tablet via the zigbee smart app.
Product Description

Lighting Features of Gledopto White and Colour Ambiance Single 6W Smart Retrofit Recessed LED Downlight, Works with Alexa, SmartThings, Homee, Smart Friends, Zigbee2MQTT and Google Assistant

1. Switch between multiple lighting modes at will.
2. Rich lamplight atmosphere, give you more pure and fresh sense, available in Timmer & night light mode option.
3. Brightness and color temperature dimmable/adjustable from warm white 2000K to cool/cold white 6500K.
4. Customize your colorful life, 16 million color saturation changes, make life full of beauty.
5. Home or Away lighting mode, to remote control the smart LED bulb even away from home, to ensure the saftety of your home.

ZigBee3.0 Lighting Control Features

Gledopto Zigbee LED Lamp and Controller directly work with H-u-e, Amazon Echo Plus, Smartthings, O-s-r-a-m L-i-g-h-t-i-f-y, Homee, Google home & all other alexa devices. Apps work with H-u-e gateway: H-u-e, h-u-e-party, h-u-e Disco, iConnectH-u-e, H-u-e Widget, Light DJ, etc.
Work with Home assistant & Homekit:
Please visit Reddit and search for GLEDOPTO for more detailed introduction of how to link to different ZLL/ZigBee 3.0/ZigBee Tuya gateways and hubs.

Housing Material

1. High Quality Epistar LED Chip, low heat dissipation, high brightness, durable and long lifespan up to 50,000hours
2. Adopt high-grade PC Cover, 93% lighting transmittance, uniform light distribution, no dark spot, no glare
3. ZigBee ZLL Protocol controlling technology, multi signal transmitted at the same time, lonng smart remote control distance, anti interference feature.
4. AC100V-240V universal input design;
5. Full Aluminum housing material, low heat emittion, no welding process to ensure the product quality.

Sync Effect with screenbloom and Gledopto Play HDMI Sync Box

Sync your lights with movies, music, and games, Enjoy the lighting effect which synchronizes with the plot of the picture
immediately, and experience the more delicate atmosphere lighting effect.
Application: Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen and etc.
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light

How to link & use with Remote Control

1. power on the light, within 3 seconds, press the key of “Zone ON”of 1-6 zone, the light will turn green, pairing is done.
2. Long press the"Master OFF"key to enter the"Night light"mode, and 9 modes still can be changed under"Night Light"mode.
3. Long press the small moon key, the indicator will flash for 3 times, all the lights will off 60 seconds later.
4. Press"M"key for selecting 9 modes.
5. All lamps in different zones under the static color or white light circumstance, long press"Master ON", the lamps will turn to warm white.

How to unlink

1. If the LED is still connected to the ZigBee gateway, long press the"on"button on the remote control within 3 seconds after power on or press the button for 5 times continuously, the light will flash for 5 times in the current color.
2. If the LED is not connected in the ZigBee gateway state, long press the"on"button on the remote control within 3 seconds after power on or press the button for 5 times continuously, then the LED light will be fully bright and flashing for 5 times.
1. Master ON( I )/OFF(O)
Acts as a master ON( I )/Off(O) control for all zone-linked RGB+CCT/RGBW lights. Also activates the “Master” function, which allows the remote to control the RGBW lights of all zones. If a zone is currently active, pressing the master On(-) button restores the “Master” function to the remote.
2. Color Selection Ring
Directly selects color along a circular spectrum. To obtain white light only, keep the “Zone On” (|) button depressed until the light changes to a steady bright white.
3. Selection LED Indicator
Flashes once to indicate when a command has been selected.
4. Brightness Touch Slider - Increase(Right Side)/Decrease(Left Side)
Increases(right side) or decreases(left side) the brightness level. Changing the active mode resets the brightness level to full.
5. Mode Start/Scroll(M)
Modes feature different color combinations, light transitions, and patterns, with 9 distinct modes. This button initiates the Mode function and scrolls through the modes in ascending order.
6. Mode Speed - Increase(S+)/Decrease(S-)
Increases (S+)/decreases(S-) the tempo of the mode pattern currently active.
7. Zone On(|)/Off(O) - Zones 1-6
Allows up to Six “zones” (i.e. channels) of RGB+CCT lights to be separately linked and controlled by the remote. Pressing one of the Zone On(|) buttons activates that zone; commands will affect only lights in that zone. Once linked to a zone, lights remain linked until they are unlinked. Steadily depressing the Zone ON( | ) button restores the lights in that zone to white.

Note: The wireless remote operates using radio frequency. The remote controller’s use is not restricted by normal obstructions, such as walls, doors, etc. Once programmed they can be installed anywhere in range of the remote (up to 65 ft. or 20m).
Lighting Application
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
zigbee rgb down light
Company Information
zigbee rgb down light

Q1.What is the beam angle of the lights?

A:The beam angle is 60 degrees.

Q2.Dimmable with Alexa?

A:Yes, after you setup your bulbs with the zigbee hub and app, you can have Amazon Echo"discover"your Gledopto bulbs. you can then tell her to turn them on/off or adjust the brightness and change the color."Alexa, turn the lights to 25%"etc.

Q3.Can I change each lights color individually?

A: Yes, you can control Gledopto led light lamps by Gledopto 2.4G RF remotes, smart wall switches and zigbee smart app at the same time.

Q4.Are these lights dimmable?

A: Yes, thes Gledopto lamps can be set to various levels through app. And any of 16 million colors at any brightness you want.

Q5.Is this multi voltage?

A:Range 100 V - 240 V, 50-60 Hz

Q6: Will I be able to change colors via app, or do I need to have the hub to do that? Some say you need a h-u-e hub and others say you need a h-u-e bridge. Are these the same thing?

You will need a Hub and once you have that an the app, you can change colors and set up lighting routines including times ones. Previous versions of the product used the name “bridge”. More recent versions use the name “hub”.